Exclusive Interview: Former MIG pilot recounts audacious defection, talks TOW missiles


Hassan Miri’I Hamadeh, the first airforce pilot to defect from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) while on duty. He landed his MiG-21 fighter jet in Jordan back in June 2012. Prior to his defection, Hamadeh used to serve at the Khelkhleh airbase in the southern province of Al-Swayda at the 73rd Brigade as head of

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Exclusive interview with Harakat Hazm: we have fought the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, and we will fight anyone who threatens the Syrian revolution.

Hazm cover

Tahrir Souri – Exclusive      “Harakat Hazm”, or “The Determination Movement” in English, is an armed opposition movement made up of 22 platoons belonging to the Free Syrian Army. The group was formed on the 26th of January 2014. Salim Idris, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the Syrian Interim Government,

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Exclusive interview with Ahmad Al-Sa’oud, head of Division 13, one of the 9 factions given access to TOW missiles.


     Divison 13 is a faction of the armed opposition in Syria. It was formed by the Higher Military Council (AKA Syrian Military Council) under Salim Ahmad Idris. Tahrir Souri conducted an interview with Ahmad Al-Sa’oud, leader of the 13th Division. He sheds some light on his Division and how they procured the TOW

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9 FSA factions in possession of TOW missiles, as Obama mulls greater involvement in Syria


Over the past two months, shipments of U.S.-made TOW missiles have been finding their way to several moderate Free Syrian Army (FSA) factions, all of which fight under the banner of the Supreme Military Council (SMC), the military wing of the Syrian National Coalition, and have been vetted by western intelligence. As evidenced by video

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[Update] Dara’a, What Happened, Why Now: The formation of the Southern Syrian Revolutionary Front

العقيد المنشق أحمد النعمة

     At the start of this month, and with the recent and ongoing battles and rebel victories in the Dara’a countryside, a statement was released on the 1st of May by defected Colonel Ahmad Al-Na’meh announcing the formation of the “Southern Syrian Revolutionary Front”. The organization is made up of over 20 opposition groups,

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Exclusive Photographs: Jarba in Washington, and TOW Missiles in Syria


     Tahrir Souri was able to procure exclusive photographs from the Idlib Countryside front from Liwa Fursan Al-Haq. Liwa Fursan Al-Haq belongs to the Syrian Military Council that belongs to the National Coalition for the Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces. The Photographs are of U.S. made TOW missiles in the possession of Liwa Fursan

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