ISIS Sleeps by the Gates of Damascus


Original Article in Arabic: Dec 27, 2014 Exclusive to Tahrir Souri, Damascus As frequent press reports during the recent weeks had anticipated the near arrival of ISIS to the south of Damascus through Utayba (Eteybeh) and Bir-Qasab, the organization had indeed grounded itself and established a rapidly growing base in Al-Hajar Al-Aswad to the south of

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“Breaking the Walls” of Damascus, and massacres in the Eastern Ghouta


     In an escalation of operations by armed opposition forces in Damascus, Jaish Al-Islam, in collaboration with Jund Dimashq, launched one of the largest assault on regime positions near Al-Abasiyyeen Square from the neighbourhood of Jobar. The offensive was launched on Jun 14th 2014.      Armed opposition forces mined a number of buildings

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Mounting fear of possible outbreak of violence on Syria election day


As the Syrian presidential elections draw near, rumors regarding potential opposition attacks against voters in regime-held areas have started to sweep the country. A number of opposition media sources have been widely reporting and publishing photos that show explosive gas cylinders loaded and set to be used as bombs meant to target the polling centers

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In Pictures: Residents of Yarmouk Camp assaulted while recieving UNRWA aid

شارع اليرموك الرئيسي على بعد خطوات من قوات النظام

     Activists released yesterday photographs of regime military and Palestinian militia forces assaulting residents of Yarmouk Camp. The incidents occurred while residents awaited their turn for the daily UNRWA care package. The distribution of the UNRWA aid is done under the supervision of the Syrian Arab Army and Ahmad Jibril’s “Popular Front for the

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Regime forces advance on several locations in eastern Damascus, lost to counterattack in the evening


     Residents of Damascus awoke to the sound of tanks and artillery pounding Jobar, the Southern highway, and Zamalka. Following the shelling came the sound of heavy weapons, then a lull, before some of the most intense shelling hit the suburbs of Damascus, activists counted 6 shells a minute. A couple of hours later

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The Assad regime opens its arms warehouses to foreign militias.. Of those is the Iraqi “Liwa Assad Allah Al-Ghaleb”


     Liwa Assad Allah Al-Ghaleb has released a video [see below] on it’s youtube channel of it fighting beside government forces, preparing and firing an “Zilzal” rocket on Mleiha. The video is titled “Shelling The Dens Of The Sons of Ummayah in Mleiha”.      The four minute long video, shows the Iraqi militia

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Sitting exams… Assad’s plan to ride the elections on the shoulders of university students


In an unprecedented move, defying all customs and traditions, the Syrian University Directorate announced that the date for final examinations has been brought 15 days closer. This makes the start of the exams coincide with the elections on the 3rd of June. Some activists and observes suggest this might be part of the regime’s plan

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Mortars strike capital, perpetrators remain unknown


A dozen mortar bombs landed in central Damascus on Monday, leaving 5 casualties and resulting in dozens injuries among civilians. The mortars which stroke random targets inside Damascus, landed in residential areas and shopping districts during rush hour. The neighborhoods of Al-Zablatani, AlMarjeh Square, Abbassyin Square, Al-Muhajireen, Al-Qassa’a, Al-Mazzeh, AL-Hamra and the perimeters of the

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Electricity returns to Aleppo after 11 days amid talk Of a truce 


Aleppo      The General Services Administration of Jabhat Al-Nusra announced today the return of electricity to Aleppo, including areas under regime control. Al-Nusra’s addition to do so was taken because of “the suffering of our families in the areas of regime control, and their subsequent inability to secure clean drinking water. Furthermore regime did

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In the lower Qalamoun the opposition downs an aircraft and closes in on one of Assad’s largest airports


     As a continuation of the opposition Desert Storms Battle in the Lower Qalamoun, opposition forces today were able to take the Safa Rest and cut the Damascus-Baghdad Highway. The Highway is used by the regime to bring in Iraqi militia reinforcements. Four regime busses armed with two .23 autocannons attempted to reopen the road. Opposition

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