Barrel Bombs: A tool to force displacement in Eastern Aleppo

Barrel Bomb

Tahrir Souri – Ryan O’Farrell Over the past six to eight months, barrel bombs have become a major topic of discussion concerning the grinding civil war in Syria.  Crude improvised explosive devices, barrel bombs initially took the form of oil drums filled with TNT, gasoline and shrapnel, detonated by a cigarette-lit detonation cord. These were

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Mounting fear of possible outbreak of violence on Syria election day


As the Syrian presidential elections draw near, rumors regarding potential opposition attacks against voters in regime-held areas have started to sweep the country. A number of opposition media sources have been widely reporting and publishing photos that show explosive gas cylinders loaded and set to be used as bombs meant to target the polling centers

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The Assad regime tries to recreate the Homs scenario in Aleppo


     Recent changes on the Aleppo front, and the advance of the Syrian Arab Army and loyalist sectarian militias on the Sheikh Najjar front, have made many Aleppan activists fear the encirclement of East Aleppo. These fears come after a regime reconnaissance squad entered one of the streets of Masakin Hnano. At the same

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The Aleppo water crisis, what’s the end of it?


     A state of panic in the streets of Aleppo as the water crisis hits its eleventh day. The streets of Aleppo have been filled with crowds lining up to fill water in front of mosques, churches, parks, private wells. The young men and children wait in line for their turn to fill up

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After the electricity crisis in Aleppo, a water crisis strikes the city, now in day 8


     To add to all the problems the city of Aleppo is facing, a water crisis has recently creeped on the city. Ten days ago, water shut down in the city of Aleppo in both regime and rebel held areas. Neither sides has released a statement regarding the issue, or been able to work

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Electricity returns to Aleppo after 11 days amid talk Of a truce 


Aleppo      The General Services Administration of Jabhat Al-Nusra announced today the return of electricity to Aleppo, including areas under regime control. Al-Nusra’s addition to do so was taken because of “the suffering of our families in the areas of regime control, and their subsequent inability to secure clean drinking water. Furthermore regime did

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