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Donald Trump: El próximo presidente de Estados Unidos

Donald J. Trump, un empresario que prometió emplear sus conocimientos financieros para ayudar a los estadounidenses a mejorar su nivel de vida tomará posesión del cargo de presidente el 20 de enero como en cuadragésimo quinto presidente de Estados Unidos. El magnate de los bienes raíces derrotó a la exsecretaria de Estado Hillary Clinton, que esperaba convertirse

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Donald Trump, le prochain président des États-Unis

Les électeurs ont tranché : le républicain Donald J. Trump sera le 45e président des États-Unis. Le futur hôte de la Maison Blanche est un homme d’affaires qui a promis d’utiliser son expertise financière pour aider les Américains à améliorer leur niveau de vie. Il prendra ses fonctions le 20 janvier. Le magnat de l’immobilier a

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دونالد ترامپ: رئیس جمهوری جدید آمریکا

دونالد جی. ترامپ، بازرگانی که وعده می دهد با استفاده از کاردانی مالی خود به آمریکایی ها کمک کند تا استاندارد زندگی خود را بهبود بخشند، روز بیستم ژانویه چهل و پنجمین رئیس جمهوری ایالات متحده خواهد شد.  این شخصیت بانفوذ در عرصه معاملات املاک بر هیلاری کلینتون، وزیر سابق امور خارجه که امیدوار بود

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Donald Trump: America’s next president

Bureau of International Information / President-elect Donald Trump smiles as he arrives to speak at an election-night rally. (© AP Images) Donald J. Trump, a businessman who promises to use his financial know-how to help Americans improve their standard of living, on January 20 takes office as the 45th president of the United States. The

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Turbulent Year for Turkey-EU ties 2016

[Infographic] 2016 : Turbulent Year for Turkey-EU ties 2016 العام المضطرب انفوغرافيك للعمليات الارهابية التي استهدفت  تركيا و دول  الاتحاد الأوربي Anadolu / الأناضول 

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From Najaf to Tahrir Souri: “ISIS fighters are few, but the tribes are those who are supporting ISIS…”


     A source close to Tahrir Souri from Najaf, nicknamed Ali for the purposes of this article, spoke of the ongoing ISIS offensive, saying: “ISIS fighters are few, but the tribes are those who are supporting ISIS, because as you know, they’re against Nouri Al-Maliki. They’re going off of ‘I’ll work with the devil

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The Assad regime opens its arms warehouses to foreign militias.. Of those is the Iraqi “Liwa Assad Allah Al-Ghaleb”


     Liwa Assad Allah Al-Ghaleb has released a video [see below] on it’s youtube channel of it fighting beside government forces, preparing and firing an “Zilzal” rocket on Mleiha. The video is titled “Shelling The Dens Of The Sons of Ummayah in Mleiha”.      The four minute long video, shows the Iraqi militia

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The Syrian Hezbollah: What is it and why


     On the 9th of May of last year, Al-Akhbar, a newspaper with close ties to the Assad regime, published remarks by Bashar Al-Assad focusing on the “new” Syrian approach to Israel. Just a few days before Assad’s remarks, an Israeli airstrike was made against weapons warehouses belonging to the 4th Armoured Division. Assad

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Exclusive Photographs: Jarba in Washington, and TOW Missiles in Syria


     Tahrir Souri was able to procure exclusive photographs from the Idlib Countryside front from Liwa Fursan Al-Haq. Liwa Fursan Al-Haq belongs to the Syrian Military Council that belongs to the National Coalition for the Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces. The Photographs are of U.S. made TOW missiles in the possession of Liwa Fursan

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Turkey builds three meter concrete wall on border with Syria


     Turkish authorities have begun erecting a wall in the southern Hatay area on the border with Syria. The wall is supposed to be a safeguard against illegal entry. The wall consists of portable 3 meter high, 9 ton concrete blocks. Upon completion the wall will cover 1200 meters.      The construction began

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