ISIS advances on the rebels of Ar-Raqqa while the regime attempts to carve a path to the Tabqa airbase

الإزدحام على أحد أفران الرقة في شارع 23 شباط

     13 members of Liwa Thouwar Ar-Raqqa, and 5 members of ISIS were killed in clashes between the two in the town of Tal Abyad in Western Raqqa. A number of ISIS vehicles were seen transporting corpses and six prisoners belonging to Liwa Thouwar Ar-Raqqa. The vehicles passed through the Kfeifeh checkpoint on their way to Tal Abyad. It has been reported by a number of sources that among those dead in the clashes at Frei’an are a Liwa Thouwar Ar-Raqqa leader called “Abu Thiyab”, and the nephew of the leader of Liwa Thouwar Ar-Raqqa. The latter was reported executed in captivity, Tahrir Souri could not independently verify that.

     In a similar vein, ISIS assaulted the houses belonging to those fighters and burned and demolished some in the town of Frei’an.

     On another front, ISIS destroyed the water tower in the town of Al-Bougha in ‘Ayn ‘Issa because according to them, it could be used as a sniper’s nest. This water tower was of upmost important to the residents of Al-Bougha as the environment is arid and rainfall has been at an all time low.

     Liwa Thouwar Ar-Raqqa, who currently is under the Free Syrian Army, had pledged allegiance to Jabhat Al-Nusra in hope of ammunition and arms, it later retracted it’s allegiance after it felt let down. Liwa Thouwar Ar-Raqqa is one of the last battalions of Ar-Raqqa still (city and province) fighting ISIS. There are constant clashes between Liwa thouwar Ar-Raqqa and ISIS, clashes that more often than not, end in ISIS’ favour due to a lack of ammunition.

The regime’s attempt to advance

     Regime forces have captured the ISIS held village of Inbaj in the province of Ar-Raqqa in an attempt to reach the besieged airport of At-Tabqa. Loyalist sources claimed that the regime was also able to take the area of “Al-Habbari”, however Tahrir Souri’s contacts in the area confirmed this as untrue. Only Inbaj was briefly captured and the Syrian flag raised. the Syrian Arab Air Force flew above the city of Ar-Raqqa today with no reports of an airstrike. An airstrike was conducted at around nine this morning on Al-Tabqa, whoever.

خريظة توضح خط تقدم النظام باتجاه الرقة لفتح الطريق لمكان الطبقة العسكري

The path the regime is trying to rut to the Al-Tabqa airbase.

The situation In the city of Ar-Raqqa

     The streets in Ar-Raqqa have seen little movement, save for crowds at the neighbourhood bakeries as markets have shut down amid fear the city will be handed over to government forces. ISIS has demanded taxes on shopowners. The fees are fixed at between SYP1500-3500, payed bimonthly. The variation in tax depends on where shops are located, a road or street and so on. ISIS said these are for utilities (water, garbage, electricity).

     On another front, snipers from Division 17 shot two civilians near the sugar factory. Division 17 also targeted the Hasr Al-Makaf checkpoint infliction three casualties in ISIS’ ranks.

Some photos of the deceased Liwa Thouwar Ar-Raqqa below.

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